May 17, 2017

For Those That Know

For Those That Know is an in house personal collection of garments operated by Mitch Modes. I met Mitch back in November last year while taking a trip out to LA to have a photoshoot with him and his girlfriend, Emily Ferguson for A-W Project. While Mitch and I have kept in contact since then earlier this year he contacted me about a project he was starting. He asked me if I could create the website for his project, I was honored. 

Photo above by Elie

I had seen images of the project through Mitch's Instagram as photographer Elie captured all the visuals for the project. I was excited to get started on the website but as Mitch and Elie did not have all the visuals ready yet I prepared a layout for what Mitch envisioned it to be. We went back and forth sending each other references of what the website could look like. At this point I had a clear understanding of what he wanted but I realized that we didn't have a logo for the project established. I asked Mitch if he'd like for me to work on one also and that's when I took care of the entire brand identity. 

Above - Logo idea that got tossed. 

Below - Kept it subtle and made the logo out of Acumin Pro text. 

While establishing the logo and the direction of which the identity of the project was going, I was working on the  layout. The website was planned simple. Three pages; home, about, and collection page. The home page would be use to place all the images that Mitch, Emily, and Elie had created, About is a self given one and collection was to be utilize to showcase the individual garments. 

Above - Home Page

Even though there's only three pages and they seem very simple, the idea to have everything right is what made for plenty of revisions and plenty of text messages. While the visuals were still getting worked on I was working on the Collection page and edited each garment. 

By this time the visuals were done and I could finally put everything together. This is the third website I built from scratch and even though it's only three pages it took a lot of work to come together. I was happy that Mitch was happy with the final product. The foundation of the website is established and it will now continue to grow and evolve from here. 

If you need help creating a website, let's talk.

May 9, 2017


I can't remember where I once heard the idea that "you create the content you consume" and ever since I heard that idea I tried to live by it. I can't lie, since I became interested in photography back in 2013 I was always looking at other photographers to see what styles I could mimic. I was lost. 

Fast forward to 2017, I established a style and I think that the style I established is simply the idea that I created it. It took me about two years to realize that I did not have to have a specific way to edit my pictures, or a certain way to take them but what would make my work cohesive is the idea that I created it. After realizing that I then grew to really admire photographers as oppose to simply being "inspired" by them. 

Sean Brown

I don't think Sean considers himself as a photographer but he might as well do so as the man has such a great eye. Sean is the founder of Needs & Wants Studios from Canada. While Sean creates phenomenal scenery images I would consider his photography more lifestyle as it all fits into his brand. What I really love about Sean's images is that they are created with an iPhone. Sure, some analog added to his tools but for the  most part he captures some of the best images with his iPhone and that's something to highly admire. I'd be lying if Sean's aesthetics haven't influenced me in any way, as a matter of fact this blog came about because I was a frequent visitor to his and made me realize that I needed to create one. 

Check out more of his work via

Quentin de Briey

If you look through tumblr to find "inspiration" i'm sure you've come across one of Quentin's images. The man has established this beautiful aesthetic that I'm sure plenty are trying to recreate it. I was one of them, but can you blame me? Quentin is the reason why I decided to get into film photography. I don't have quite the romantic relationship with film as others do but I'm starting to dive more into that as I plan to buy a scanner to scan my negatives. 

Check out more of Quentin's work

Jamie Hawkesworth

Considering myself a fashion photographer puts a lot of pressure on the title itself when photographers like Jamie Hawkesworth exist. Jamie has photographed campaigns for some huge fashion houses that I aspire to be like him. He is under the MAP LTD umbrella which if you are a photographer within this field, you should know the prestige in being a part of that agency. I really wish I knew what tools this man uses as his images are gorgeous. The skin tones are my favorite. By now you should of gotten the hint that Jamie is my personal favorite photographer. Everything this man does is astonishing. 

Check out more of Jamie's work

May 4, 2017

May 26, 2017

The time has come. I will no longer have a "day job" which in my case was a part time job working at FedEx Express. After almost four years of being with the company I have decided that I need to stop being afraid and tackle this idea of doing photography full time. From 2013 - 2016 I worked at the Denver International Airport location in which I was working the evening shift. I was still considered part time but I was clocking in about 29 - 32 hours a week in which it's almost considered full time. Let alone the busy seasons in where I was really clocking in the 35+ hours. Now, that was great money but I was never happy doing it. I knew that I wanted to focus on my creative work because while I was at work all I could think about was the creative shit I could be doing. The beginning of this year I took a "leap" as some would call it and transferred to work a different FedEx location to work approximately 10 - 17 hours a week and took a $1.+ pay cut.

"You still live at home, and if you don't try it now, it will become harder and harder for your to break out and give it a shot down the line."

My first couple of days at the new location everyone was asking me why I transferred there as I had a great position at the ramp (DIA) which was hard to come by and I'd explain why and everyone would look at me crazy. How dare I leave this job in where my pay was great and the hours were great? That was a tough thing to sell to my parents as well as they were not really on board with that idea. I did it though and the first five months of this year have been great. I have spent countless amount of hours working to better my craft as I have had so much availability due to the decrease of hours I work at my "day job." I'd be lying if I'd say that financially I didn't struggle as I have had to change my lifestyle to meet my new wage. Fortunately, by the third month I felt like I had figured it out though. I figured out how to prioritize and budget correctly. Pretty much breaking even and saving little to nothing. I realized that I am capable of living this lifestyle that I should really just commit to my idea of being a photographer full time as I feel prepared to face the music of what it means to be a freelancer.

I have had a lot of support from friends and colleagues who have encouraged me to really give this a shot. "You still live at home, and if you don't try it now, it will become harder and harder for your to break out and give it a shot down the line." So here we go! I'm currently prepping for what's to come as much as possible by updating my portfolio, getting my thumbtack profile squared away, reaching out to potential clients, & beginning this personal blog in where I'd like to document my journey as I venture into this career path. Wish me luck. <3