Nov 9, 2017

T-Shirt 003

I was very tempted to create t-shirts 003, 004, & 005 this time around as I've come around some money to be able to create multiple products at a time. I reminded myself as to why I was doing this and not necessarily to just crank things out. I can't tell you guys how much excitement there is every time I'm in the process of making a t-shirt. I feel very proud to be able to put out tangible products and that's why I'm currently working on "Product 001" I gave you guys a hint of what it is with T-Shirt 003. I want to thank JJJound & Benjamin Edgar Gott for setting the example of someone who wants to design tangible products for fun and not necessarily worrying about making money out of them (even though it does help when they sell) as you have other means of supporting yourself. T-Shirt 003 is now available for purchase via shop