Jul 5, 2018

Summer 2018

I have a lot of tweets saved in drafts with what is to follow. I'm turning 25 later this month and for the first time ever, I am having "I'm getting old" thoughts. I've always been one to embrace time and growing old but for some reason, these thoughts are coming to me. I don't know if it's because I'm currently looking for that one job that I've been seeking for since getting out of high school and feeling like I should have been in this positions since 21-22. Is it because I plan to move out of my parent's house? Is it because one of my best friends is moving states and it is lowkey a pain to think I won't see him as often? Or it could be because after doing a program on Product Design for 2 months, I found a new appreciation for education that I'd love to get my bachelors degree and feeling like I'm too old to try now. 

Along with being vulnerable and selfish right now, I am happy. My life is moving forward for the better and for the people I care about the most. I have a lifetime ahead of being able to do everything I apply myself in doing. 
It's just how I'm feeling ... 

Feb 10, 2018


You ever think about how there is a lot of truth to the cheesy sayings such as "You don't know what you have until it's gone" That's all that was going through my mind in my travels to Canada last week. I kept thinking how beautiful both Montreal & Toronto are even with its cold weather and how my home in Denver was really not gone but why was that same cheesy quote coming up so frequent? The reason for the trip was to scope out the cities to see if I liked them enough to apply to jobs after I complete the current course I'm enrolled in not just for "vacation." I admire the work coming out of both cities so much that I pictured myself living in both places before I visited. Now, I don't think I would live in neither of them. Truth is, no matter where I go, no matter how beautiful the city is, no matter how many awesome job opportunities there is, no matter how much culture there is in these cities,  they do not have the people that matter the most to me. Now, if the people I cared about migrated to some of the cities in which I would be right there too. The environment doesn't matter much if you don't have the right people to share it with. Overall, I recommend Toronto & Montreal for travel! Both cities are amazing, and they both have a lot to offer. 

Nov 9, 2017

T-Shirt 003

I was very tempted to create t-shirts 003, 004, & 005 this time around as I've come around some money to be able to create multiple products at a time. I reminded myself as to why I was doing this and not necessarily to just crank things out. I can't tell you guys how much excitement there is every time I'm in the process of making a t-shirt. I feel very proud to be able to put out tangible products and that's why I'm currently working on "Product 001" I gave you guys a hint of what it is with T-Shirt 003. I want to thank JJJound & Benjamin Edgar Gott for setting the example of someone who wants to design tangible products for fun and not necessarily worrying about making money out of them (even though it does help when they sell) as you have other means of supporting yourself. T-Shirt 003 is now available for purchase via shop

Oct 18, 2017

UX Design

Hey friends and acquaintances, I hope you're all doing well. I've been pretty busy lately and it feels really good. Last week I put out a question via Facebook, Twitter in regards to issues you come across when organizing your closet. I was conducting research for a project I was working for that I've completed. As you know, I'm planning on going back to school in February next year and as a part of the application process, I was tasked to design an app that helps the experience of organizing your closet. I had my interview for admission today and I'm feeling really good about it that I wanted to share my presentation & results of research. (Only the t-shirt option, the fold method, back button, & donate tabs are available)

Oct 1, 2017


Wow! I can't believe I have had thoughts about how easy it would be to quit what I've been pursuing for years now. Of course I'M NOT GOING TO. It has been approximately 4 years since I've had a full time job where I dedicated 40 hours a week to. I have been doing 40+ hours a week but through different streams of things. These past two weeks have been weird for me. I know what I'm doing is completely temporary and I'm just saving for what is next to come but god damn. I could understand why humans fall into this routine of working this one job and being completely exhausted with no time remaining but to relax. I thought about how if I didn't want what I've been wanting this would be it. I would put my all at my job and just go home after and relax, and repeat. I get home these days with plenty to do. From A-W Project to personal projects, to some freelance gigs I have lingering that I'm very grateful for. I have approximately 4-5 hours before bed and theres more that I want to do then to get back to it. 

From trying to get out and skate, (do some physical activity) to simply sitting down and having dinner with my family, that's a good hour and a half gone. I'm left with 3.5 hours left to focus on creative things that truly matter. All of this just slowly goes to show me what my mom told me years ago that "you should go to school now because later down road, you really won't have the time or support to do it." Don't you just want to say sorry to your parents for being right years ago every time a realization like this comes about? I know I'm really just talking bullshit but these are the things currently going through my mind. Shoutout to everyone working 40+ hours and trying to make their ideal careers happen outside of that. 

New "No particular theme, just pretty images." T-Shirt 003 this month. New submission content via a-wproject.com. ETC ... 

Sep 24, 2017

Need to do ...

This past Friday I had the "Not just pretty images, particular theme." showcase at Armitage & McMillan and it was quite the success. There were a lot of people who came out and supported and there were some that reached out and said they would have loved to be there. I highly appreciate everyone of you! While I was setting up and prepping for people to come on by to see the work I was showcasing I thought to myself that I have done a lot of things to get to that very moment. I remember thinking at the age of 19 that having a gallery showing would be awesome. I did a lot of work that I hated doing, I've done work that doesn't relate to being a creative at all but there I was getting ready to showcase a body of work. Last week was my first week at a new job and needless to say I feel like I don't belong there. It's actually a really good paying job with great benefits in which I previously already had but I know that it's not for me at all. Yet again, another stepping stone, another thing I have to do to get to the next point in my life. I'll only be there tops 5 months as I'll be starting school full time in late Feb, early March next year. (It's crazy to think that this year is almost done also) 

The program I'm enrolling in is a 10 weeks immersive course that is 9-5 M-F. I got this job in order to save money to have during I'm in school as I will not have time to have a job. I'll more than likely still be at AMC but that's only on Sundays in which I could find a way to manage that. As it is only 10 weeks i'm afraid that the work load is going to be so heavy that I couldn't even take on a part time job in the evenings therefore this job will serve as the fuel for the 10 weeks I'll be highly focused on school work. 

I guess my point of it all is that as humans we adapt, and that's one trade that allow us to have the life span that we have. The ideal situation would be that I get out of school and get the ideal job I've been dying for to move on in my career but if it happens to be that for some reason I can't find a job, I'll take on a job I have no interest in what so ever, etc to be "okay" and treat it yet again as another stepping stone ... 

PS - "Not just pretty images, particular theme" is still up till further notice, so if you missed it opening night, come by the shop and check it out. 1550 Platte St, Suite D, Denver, CO 80202