Oct 18, 2017

UX Design

Hey friends and acquaintances, I hope you're all doing well. I've been pretty busy lately and it feels really good. Last week I put out a question via Facebook, Twitter in regards to issues you come across when organizing your closet. I was conducting research for a project I was working for that I've completed. As you know, I'm planning on going back to school in February next year and as a part of the application process, I was tasked to design an app that helps the experience of organizing your closet. I had my interview for admission today and I'm feeling really good about it that I wanted to share my presentation & results of research. (Only the t-shirt option, the fold method, back button, & donate tabs are available)

Oct 1, 2017


Wow! I can't believe I have had thoughts about how easy it would be to quit what I've been pursuing for years now. Of course I'M NOT GOING TO. It has been approximately 4 years since I've had a full time job where I dedicated 40 hours a week to. I have been doing 40+ hours a week but through different streams of things. These past two weeks have been weird for me. I know what I'm doing is completely temporary and I'm just saving for what is next to come but god damn. I could understand why humans fall into this routine of working this one job and being completely exhausted with no time remaining but to relax. I thought about how if I didn't want what I've been wanting this would be it. I would put my all at my job and just go home after and relax, and repeat. I get home these days with plenty to do. From A-W Project to personal projects, to some freelance gigs I have lingering that I'm very grateful for. I have approximately 4-5 hours before bed and theres more that I want to do then to get back to it. 

From trying to get out and skate, (do some physical activity) to simply sitting down and having dinner with my family, that's a good hour and a half gone. I'm left with 3.5 hours left to focus on creative things that truly matter. All of this just slowly goes to show me what my mom told me years ago that "you should go to school now because later down road, you really won't have the time or support to do it." Don't you just want to say sorry to your parents for being right years ago every time a realization like this comes about? I know I'm really just talking bullshit but these are the things currently going through my mind. Shoutout to everyone working 40+ hours and trying to make their ideal careers happen outside of that. 

New "No particular theme, just pretty images." T-Shirt 003 this month. New submission content via a-wproject.com. ETC ...